Release the Kraken!  

Starting in 2021, Seattle will be home to the NHL’s 32nd franchise, and today, the franchise announced the team name, color scheme, and uniforms.  The Seattle Kraken.  

I absolutely love it. 

Just look at those beauties.  

I am a fan of the Detroit Red Wings, which means there has not been much to cheer about recently.  The Kraken don’t even have a roster yet and they might be better than the Wings.  Maybe a cheap shot I know, but I will always love the Wings.  However, I just might have to grab myself a Kraken shirt. 

I love everything about these jerseys, and cannot wait to see them out on the ice in 2021.  Seattle has been hungry for another sports franchise since 2008 when the NBA’s SuperSonics left to be the Thunder in Oklahoma City.  

Seattle has a rich sports history, and that includes hockey.  Even though the city has not been home to an NHL franchise for nearly 100 years, the short-lived Seattle Metropolitans were the first American team to win the Stanley Cup.  They won it all in 1917, but folded in 1924.  The Western Hockey League’s (WHL) Seattle Totems played there from 1944 up until the WHL itself folded in 1975.  There have been multiple attempts to get the NHL back to Seattle, but it has not become a reality until now.   

The newest NHL team before the Kraken came in 2017 via the Vegas Golden Knights.  They went on to play in the Stanley Cup Final in their first season.  Will the Kraken have the same success?

Just wait until they play the Devils.  Good lord.  The Kraken vs. the Devils.  In terms of the most unnerving team names playing against each other, that has to be at the top of the list. 

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