The day has finally come.  Baseball is back. 

It has been a long, winding, frustrating road, but Opening Day is here.  At 7:08 p.m. EST, Mad Max Scherzer will take the mound at Nationals Park in Washington D.C. to face the New York Yankees.  Following their incredible run to a World Series title last fall, the Nationals start the 2020 season facing one of their opponents from the Fall Classic, Gerrit Cole.  Cole will be wearing pinstripes for the first time in his career, thanks to a nine-year contract worth $324 million that he signed in December.  This game will be followed by the star-studded Dodgers facing off against their in-state rival Giants in Los Angeles at 10:08 p.m. EST.  It will be the debut of superstar Mookie Betts donning the Dodger Blue.  We are treated with two great matchups on this Opening Day, which will be taking place 119 days after the original Opening Day, and 9 days after the All-Star Game was supposed to have happened.  No fans.  Fake crowd noise.  It is sure to be a very bizarre year, but that is what makes it so exciting.

This offseason presented a ton of new challenges for Major League Baseball, and it was not long ago when it looked like the season was not even going to be played.  As a fan, it was incredibly frustrating to watch unfold, and I am sure I am not the only one who felt that way.  However, I do not want to start this site with a negative post expressing my displeasures with MLB.  I am just happy it is back.  

The already infamous 2020 season will be 60 games, and is sure to present us with a lot of entertaining moments and storylines.  My team is the Detroit Tigers (yikes I know).  Although they are deep in their rebuild, I expect better things from the Tigs this year.  Let’s just say, at least they can’t lose 114 games like last year!  

What can we expect this season?  Anything.  Nothing is off the table.  This season is going to be ridiculous, outlandish, wacky and strange.  Whatever quirky adjectives you want to use, I’m sure they will all apply.  Think about this: The Nationals went on to win the World Series last year after starting 19-31 after 50 games, and 27-33 after 60.  If we see a 27-33, or even a team under .500, go on to win the World Series this season, it would be historic.  Now, no matter what happens, you can say this season will have an asterisk next to it (shoutout 2017 Astros), and that is fine.  If we see a player hit over .400 for the first time since 1941, will it still be regarded as impressive as when Ted Williams did it in a full season?  Will the Dodgers finally reap the benefits of what seems like their decade long “All-In” campaign and be World Series Champs?  Will a Padres pitcher finally throw a no-hitter?  Right now there are more questions than answers.  All we can do is sit back and watch.  Play Ball.


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